The Change Embassy

The Change Embassy Ministry International is a multi-faceted ministry with both a church and an outreach arm. The church arm of the ministry was officially inaugurated on Sunday, 5th January, 2014 at the VIP Hall of Dreams Recreational Park, Abuja, with about 44 people
in attendance…


If it is God, the journey may be long but it can never be wrong.

Dr. Bukola Williams

There are places you stay or things you do, not because you are helpless or without options, but you have an understanding of divine process.

Dr. Bukola Williams

In strengthening the Kingdom, God is not just raising prayerful men; He is raising strategic men.

Dr. Bukola Williams

Experience Worship

At The Change Embassy, each service is an encounter that translates into a transforming experience. Through worship, we host God and are constantly being changed from glory to glory. We will be delighted to have you share in our worship experience, and we look forward to welcoming you to church specially. You are the best!