We are committed to raising kingdom disciples in homes, institutions,
governments and the nations.

Besides periodic discipleship trainings,
we run steady discipleship classes
for new believers and new members
who join The Change Embassy.

Our discipleship trainings are practical
and aimed at helping new and growing believers alike gain indepth
understanding of the Christian faith
and grow in the grace available through intimacy with Jesus.

Find below an overview of our curriculum
discipleship training designed to raise kingdom disciples of
spiritual power and influence;

1. New Beginning in Christ
2. Standing in the Faith
3. Start Growing/Growing in the Faith
4. Fitting into the Work in TCE
5. Abiding to the End
6. Knowing the Holy Spirit
7. How to Hear God for Yourself
8. Building a Prayer & Word Life

1. Overview of TCE: mandate, vision, core values
2. Fulfilling your ministry in the mandate
3. Understanding Kingdom Vision
4. Team Work
5. Being Fruitful
6. Church Systems & Structure in TCE
7. Evangelism Strategies
8. A Vessel onto Honour

1. Spiritual Service
2. Spirit-filled Life
3. The Anointing
4. Calling & Ministry
5. Kingdom Fruits & Ministry Ethics
6. Vision Beyond Church Walls
7. Understanding Impartation
8. A Prophetic & Apostolic Generation