Among the resources that God will provide for the fulfilment of your vision include opportunities, platforms and open doors. Your vision may just be an opportunity away from breaking through. It is required that this as well becomes a prayer point for you – asking that God will grant access to your visions to find global expression and relevance.

And in order to take advantage of opportunities as they come, you have to be skillful at what you do. Nobody wants to stay with a mediocre. When Joseph stood before Pharaoh, he delivered and got the job. When Daniel and his friends stood before the kind, they were exceptional and got the jobs. The way you are, can you get the job even if God opens the door?

David was skillful in throwing the catapult. When the opportunity came, he grabbed it. There are people that God opened doors for but their lack of seriousness, absence of preparations or bankruptcy of up-to-date capacity ruled them out. God is committed to opening doors for you and your vision, but you have to be ready to take those doors. Be sure you are improving in your work and aiming to be the best. People will not work with you just because you can speak in tongues but because you can provide answer to what they want.