Vision is the capacity to see ahead. It is not what you see when you are asleep but what your mind is able to capture about your future and whatever you are currently pursuing. It is described as a tangible mental picture of your future. Vision is a fuel of life. It is vision that gives man a sense of purpose. When things appear not to be working, having a vision of a desired future will keep you going.

Whether you are a leader or a follower, you should always let vision be the driver of your work. When you are appointed into a position, one of the first things you should do is to settle and get a vision for your work. Come up with what you want to achieve at the end and pursue it.

One of the ways God speaks to people He uses is through vision. God may have many things He wants to say to you and instruct you one and He may not speak to you audibly. He may not even speak to you through a prophet. He may just put a vision in your mind and create passion in your heart to pursue it. Some people imagine that God does not speak to them, but they do not realize that it was God that put the vision they are pursuing in their hearts.