Having qualified as a medical doctor and started taking steps towards building a lecturing career in medicine, Dr Bukola Williams heard these words from God: “I did not send you to medical school to become a professor of medicine. I sent you there to prepare you for the ministry”.

Those words came in the hospital consulting room after years of struggling with an unusual spiritual burden but still ambitious to pursue a career in medicine. Those words were accompanied by diverse supernatural encounters and instructions about the ministry.

Following this, he resigned from his two jobs and relocated with his wife and few months old son from the East to Abuja in 2014 to begin the work of the ministry.

The family started conducting worship meetings in the house and also began the School of Ministry with about twenty (20) people in attendance. The church was officially inaugurated on Sunday, 5th January, 2015 at the VIP Hall of Dreams Recreational Park, Abuja, with about 44 people in attendance.