We have explained that the vision we are considering is a mental picture of a desirable future. Vision is key to your future. The size of your vision influences the ‘size’ of your future. The quality of your vision will influence the quality of your life per time and largely the quality of your future. Today we shall consider how you can get visions that you can pursue.

You can get your vision through observing the visions of other successful people. You can draw inspiration for your life from what is happening greatly in the lives of other people. Of course, you may not reproduce what they are doing in its entirety, but their vision can fuel the visions in your heart or help you discover something you should be doing but not doing.

Another way you can receive vision is through exposure. What your eyes see can influence what your mind can capture. Make practical plans to broaden your mind by going to places that will inspire you. Some people remained local champions because their minds were not subjected to challenges. So, don’t wait until you travel abroad – expose yourself by visiting places, watching movies and reading books that will water the vision in your heart.