It is not everything you have been shown by God that you will reveal to everyone. There are people who are vision killers and those who are vision enviers. Those who are envious will not be happy whatever you are doing while the killers will look for ways to frustrate your vision. Joseph’s brother wanted to eliminate him in order to kill his vision.

Another way to keep your vision is to not stop having the vision. Even after you might have fulfilled one vision, get another one. Let vision become a part of your existence. Don’t run out of vision if not you will lose motivation for success. Vision will keep refuelling your progress. Those who run out of vision may run out of passion. And when passion dies, pursuit dies. When there is nothing to pursue again, the future is at risk of being empty.

And then to keep your vision, prayerfully locate those you can share some (maybe not all) of the things you have been seeing and receiving. There will be men whom God has positioned to help you in one way or the other with the fulfilment of your visions. They may not give you money, but you will receive counsels that will help your vision. May you find those men.