In The Change Embassy, we believe
in the words of John Maxwell that
“everything rises and falls on leadership”.
No organisation (secular of spiritual)
can grow beyond the capacity of its leadership.

The Impact Leadership Academy
is meant to communicate the
principles on which the art of
leadership is built.

It is a platform where
men are raised into leaders
who in turn will represent
the kingdom in all spheres
– Ministry, Government, Politics,
Career, Industries – banking, oil, etc.

The leadership academy is opened
to business executives, church leaders
and their wives and all who want to
move their organisations into capturing
more territories. The faculty is
drawn from a pool of leadership
experts, coaches and consultants.

Below is an overview of our
curriculum program for training
our members on leadership:

1. Foundations of Leadership
2. Workplace Wisdom & Excellence
3. Values
4. Nation Building
5. The Kingdom
6. Authority & Influence
7. Character Development
8. Generational Mindset
9. Building Relationships
10. Family
11. Financial/Business Mindset (Entrepreneurship)
12. Purpose

1.Introduction to Leadership
2.Leadership Styles and Principles
3.Fundamental of Spiritual/Christian Leadership
4.People Management
5.Conflict Management and Resolution
6.Communication Skills and Motivation
7.Team Building and Organisational Structure
8.Principles of Risk Taking
9.Church/Ministry Management and Growth
10.Leadership Ethics
11.Understanding Your Leadership Pattern and Profile
12.Financial Principles and Management
13.The Power of Vision
14.Decision Making and Problem Solving
15.Personal Transformation and Self Development
16.Leadership Mindset versus God mindset
17.Time and Life Management
18.National Leadership and Transformation