When there is vision but there is no provision, the vision may likely suffer. There are believers with amazing visions without expressions. Time have swallowed some visions because there were no provisions. Today on Daily Benefits Devotional we shall explore some provision that will give lift and shift to your vision.

The first provision we are examining is that of people. When you have a vision, you need God to give you people who will help in the fulfilment of that vision. Whether you are starting a ministry, a business, whatever it is, you will need men sent by God to help with the work. When Jesus lived on earth for the fulfilment of His purpose, He prayerfully selected twelve men among many others who helped in the work of His ministry.

One of the things we often say is that, when there is no vision the people will perish. But when there is vision and no people, the vision will suffer. This is the truth. And part of the people you need to life the vision may appear to you as ordinary men without any capacity. But you will have to (in line with the vision) work on them to bring a transformation to their lives and they will be better equipped and empowered to run with the vision. May you receive the gift of men!