1 Thessalonians 5:18; Matthew 15:34-38

One of the elements of faith is thankfulness. Faith is thankful. Some people are only joyful and thankful when all is going well. They give testimonies about God’s faithfulness. But when things appear to be difficult, when reality does not match with expectation, their ‘spiritual mood’ changes. And many of them become withdrawn both from God and spiritual things. Thanksgiving literally disappears from their lives and lips.

When you are trusting God for a miracle and it appears to delay despite the promises you have, it is not time to begin to complain and nag. What some people do in prayers is actually nagging but praying. God does not answer nagging; He hears prayers of faith. And thanksgiving is an expression of faith. It is the ability to remain calm, hopeful and grateful even when what you are expecting is yet to happen. Even when things seem not to be going the way you have prayed and “faithed”, don’t lose thanksgiving.

When Jesus was confronted with a small provision and He had thousands of people to feed, He simply gave thanks and the thanksgiving injected the power of multiplication into what was available. When you are faced with a result that is not what you desired, prayed for or expected, guide your heart from ungratefulness; it can disconnect you from the full manifestation of that miracle.

“Father, I am grateful for your grace and physical blessings in my life. Thank you for the promises that have manifested and the ones that are yet to happen. Thank you Lord, in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

God does not answer nagging; He hears prayers of faith

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