You will need resources for the fulfilment of your vision and this will include money. When anyone tells you money is not everything in the fulfilment of vision, that is true, but not completely true. There are visions that may suffer when there are no financial provisions. But there are other resources you need as well and importantly and one of them is faith.

Having faith in your vision is believing that there is a future in what you are pursuing. When you have faith, faith will attract other resources you need in due time. There are times when it looks like your vision will not make it. These are times of obscurity and rejection. People may not identify with what you are doing. It may be discouraging especially when you are putting in all the efforts. At that point, let faith be your currency.

And then is the place of money. Money is key for many visions to come to pass. You may not have the money, but God can raise people financially who will in turn bless your vision. This can come be specifically praying to God to raise financial helpers for your vision. And before they come, keep doing what you are doing. Consistently will translate into testimony.