When Jesus was on earth to fulfil purpose, He was presented with many things outside what God planned for Him. Christ did not spend time negotiating with anything that was outside God’s will for His life and ministry, He simply rejected or ignored them and moved on. He maintained focus on the cross.

As you pursue your vision or God-ordained assignment, you need to maintain focus. This means you should refuse to be distracted by whatever anyone is saying or doing to affect your work intentionally or not. Refuse to allow another man’s vision make you lose focus of what you are doing. They didn’t call you and you are not accountable to them but to God. Stay on your vision. Stay on your lane.

On the journey of vision, you will also encounter many discouraging people and situations. There will be disappointment and discouragement. Jesus experienced all these. At some points even His biological siblings didn’t believe in Him and they were saying things that could annoy and discourage. Even the people He was sent to save did not believe or accept Him. But he was not discouraged. Today, you and I believe in Him. Keep on, in the end, you will reap the fruit of your work and sacrifice.