The Impact Teenagers Leadership
Academy (ITLA) is a vision and
mission to equip tomorrow’s
leaders with leadership vision
and capacity as they grow.

This course will help teenagers
to build motivation and ability
to make things happen. They will
improve assertiveness, be able
to pursue goals, solve problems,
resolve conflicts and
both inspire and create
positive change.

* Purpose/Passion/Pursuit: Goal setting and personal motivation
* Vision and Dreams
* Impact and Influence
* Creative capacity for change (making positive things happen)
* Kingdom mindset and representation
* Building life relationships
* Problem solving/conflict resolution and Team building
* Academic excellence
* Music and ministry
* Developing personal leadership skills/Laws of success
* Confidence and assertiveness/self-expression/communication
* Skills acquisition and workshop (practical and students will choose one area):
photography, fashion, football, debating, politics, creative writing, business studies,